Daily Specials


Earn points when ordering online! Earn 5 point for every $100 spent before tax.

100 points = $5 off any purchase (penny items do not apply)

10% off entire store excludes Daily deals Bellow

Blueberry Muffin 1oz 128

Wedding Cookies 1oz 48

All moxie carts 25% off no other special applies

Winberry Cartridges and Disposables 25% off no other sp/apply

99 Cookies 4g/35,8g/65

Haze 8th 23,1/4 42,1/2 82,1oz 150

Purple Punch 8th 24,1/4 46,1/2 88,1oz 160

Forbidden Fruit 8th 24,1/4 46,1/2 88,1oz 160

Kush Cake 1/4 46,1/2 90,1oz 170 High THC 26%

All 1g carts get free battery while supplies last – no other sp/apply

White Lightning 1g/35 2/65 white crumble

Birthday Cake 1g/35 2/65 White crumble

Korova 8ths 20% off top shelf

Purple Banana wax 1g/28 2/50

Raw garden sauces 1G/34 2/65

Canndescent carts 25% off no other specials apply

Not eligible for penny items or additional discounts. Some exclusions will apply when redeeming points.

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Menu is updated the following day and we do our best to keep the items updated.