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For your safety and ours please keep the recommended 6 feet distance when accepting orders.

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Spend $100 get a $1 1g preroll or 1g flower pre sel. Some Exclusion Apply! WHILE SUPPLIES LAST*

Spend $200 get a $1 1g preroll & $1/1g flower pre selected some exclusions Apply!***

Almora Sauces 4g/60

Stiiizy live resin jars 1g 28 or 4 100

Buy 2g/Thc-a Antidote Powder get the 3rd for 1 dollar

Venom Og 8th 18,1/4 34,1/2 68,1oz 125 Thc 24%

Wedding Cake 8th 24,1/4 46,1/2 90,1oz 170 Thc 29%

Jack Herer 8th 20,1/4 38,1/2 75,1oz 120 Thc 20%

Sweet Diesel 7g 45,1/2 85,1oz 160

Blue Banana 8th 24,1/4 45,1/2 85,1oz 160 Thc 23 to 26%

Do-si-do 8th 24,1/4 45,1/2 85,1oz 160

Runtz 1oz 100 thc 25%

Gelato #33 1oz 100 thc 24.70%

Cookies 1oz 100 thc 24%

Beast Og 1oz 110 Thc 25

Smoakland Shatters 1g 24,2g 46,4g 85

Mango Kush shatter 1g 20,2g 38,4g 74

Raw garden Live resin jars 1g 30,or 2g 56

Blue Dream crumble 1g 24,2g 46,4g 84

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