Daily Specials


Earn points when ordering online! Earn 1 point for every $1 spent before tax.

100 points = $5 off any purchase (penny items do not apply)

*Not eligible for penny items or additional discounts. Some exclusions will apply when redeeming points.

Winberry Cartridges and Disposibles 25% off*

Buy any 1g cart get $5 dollar CBD Eel River Cart or free battery no/sp/apply*

Chocolate Hashberry 8th 18,1/4 34,1/2 66,1oz 128

Blue Dream 8th 24,1/4 46,1/2 88,1oz 170

all 1g shatter 1g/22 2/40 4/78

3 Kings crumble/wax 1g/26 2/50 4/98

All tinctures buy 1 get brain tonic for $1 dollar no other specilas apply*

All korova prerolls 50% off no other specials apply*

All hash 50% off no other specials apply*

Uku Disposibles 1/17 2/30

flower not on special 10% excludes old pal 

Raw Garden 1g/34 or 2/65

Pure One Or Nuclear 1g syringes 20% off You can Refill,dab it or eat it 

Smooke stacks disposable 50% off

Mammoth og Crumble/wax 1g/22 2/40 4/78

Buy 1g or 2 half grams Stiiizy pod & get a $5 CBD Stiiizy Pod 

Eel River Live Sauce .5g Carts buy one get a $5 dollar Cbd cart no other specilas apply 

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